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Hi, I’m Thomas
a Speaker @ Data Events

Today it is more important than ever to be able to collect high-quality data while not neglecting ethical and legal aspects. Discovering new technical possibilities around these topics is my profession and my passion.

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About Me

I am founder and CEO of JENTIS. Starting in the industry at a very young age, I gathered an immense amount of practical knowledge and experience in the Tech Industry, always keeping focus on the current needs of the market and staying ahead of the technological advances made through time. Prior to starting JENTIS I was the head of the web analytics department at e-dialog.

I accumulated all this knowledge when funding Webrocket in 2014, a digital analysis agency. Webrocket GmbH serves customers such as the XXXLutz Group, ÖAMTC and Hervis. The business idea for this new company was born out of the ongoing challenges that arose during the customer support process.

Now, I am fully concentrating on JENTIS as CEO. I try to keep on innovating the world of data analytics. With JENTIS we reinvented webtracking, the innovative hybrid tracking solution for 1st party data. This solution tackles current problems in online marketing such as the end of 3rd party cookies, lack of data control, poor data quality and data privacy compliance.

profession & passion

What I Do

Business Stratagy

As CEO, I run the JENTIS company. Strategy, recruiting and startup culture are just some of the most important pillars I am caring day by day.

Tracking Innovation

As a data evangelist, I am constantly looking for new solutions to collect data of the highest possible quality without harmful ethical or regulatory standards.

Product Discovering

As CPO at JENTIS, I take care of the needs of users and companies. UX, screen design, product discovery and talking to our users make up my day.