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Thomas Tauchner

At the age of 12 I started building my first applications in simple HTML language before I was allowed to found my first company at the age of 17. It was an adventure from the start, but not a very successful one. We’ve developed a lot of software, but we’ve also messed up a lot of projects and earned (almost) no money. 

So in 2010 I decided to try my luck at e-dialog in Vienna. I quickly discovered my passion for data as a supplement to technology and software development. 

In 2014 I founded my 2nd company in my life – Webrocket GmbH. A small group of data enthusiasts still implements tracking systems for selected customers and, as a service provider, takes care of the greatest possible data accuracy. From 2016, however, this has decreased, which is why we looked for solutions but couldn’t find any. So we put 1 and 1 together and started working on a solution ourselves. The server-side tracking approach, which we at JENTIS are still pursuing today, was quickly found. 

In 2020, 5 founders (Christian, Walter, Klaus, Robert and myself) decided to found a new company with this technology and so what JENTIS was born. Since then we have been working tirelessly to develop the perfect product for our users around this technology.

2004 - 2023

I did it my way


CEO & founder
since 2020 - Nr.1 Data Capture Plattform in a Privacy-First-World.

As CEO at JENTIS, today I devote all my attention to creating a product that solves the important data problems of our time. As one of the younger Austrian startups, we 5 founders are particularly proud of the history we have been able to write since 2020.


CEO & founder
2014 - 2020 - advanced data analysis

Webrocket was founded as a special service provider for implementation and evaluation of tracking systems. To this day the company has remained true to this task and looks after customers such as the XXXLutz Group or Hervis. From 2014 to 2021 I was allowed to lead Webrocket through good and bad times as managing director. Since 2021, Cihan Avsar has been managing director of the GmbH.


Head of Webanalytics.
2010 - 2014 - Online Marketing

At eDialog I was allowed to start as 3rd employe and 1st software developer in 2010. I quickly discovered my passion for data and was able to look after customers as Account Manager such as A1, RedBull and Migros. From 2012 I was responsible for the web analysis department.


CEO, developer & founder
2004 - 2010

Software Developement Company

As early as 2004, we exclusively implemented web software projects for small and medium-sized customers with QXCode. I particularly remember a project for the Rabenhof Theater in Vienna that was typical at the time. We were allowed to implement a type of ticket reservation that was new at the time. The system is still in use today - so if you buy a ticket on, you are using the software and interface we developed back then.

Finished High School

Maroltingergasse - Oberstufenrealgymnasium für Leistungssport (1999 - 2004))
1999 - 2004

I played volleyball as a competitive sport when I was younger. So I was allowed to spend a few years in the national team and attend this school for professional sports.